With what we all experienced recently who isn’t ready to be swept away by their Prince Charming with a horse and a carriage. This pearl purse is giving princess vibes. When outside is open I’m going to glisten through the nights air with Cindy on my wrist.

This purse is top notch and stylish. My God daughter wore this purse for her birthday the other day and I fell in love with it all over again . It is not too big nor too small as a matter of fact it’s just right. Made for that unique woman who isn’t afraid to stand out .

After being locked away in the house with our evil step mother Covid-19, the prince has invited us to the ball . Who will be the lucky girl to steal his heart. 

This bag screams high fashion. It’s chic , trendy and inexpensive. Pair this beauty with a all white ensemble , a gold dress or even wear it for dress down brunches with the perfect jean or summer dress . No one will be able to guess what you paid for it and you will be the star of the show.